The B2ECLoC project aims to develop a “Learning and Co-Creativity Product Package” (L2CP) to:

  • Increase the hard and soft employability skills of children, i.e. soft skills related to team working, behavior, problem solving, etc.

  • Increase the hard skills on specific subject areas widely recognized as key skills in approaching the labor market, i.e. ICT, digital games, machine programming and service robots, etc.

  • Implement courses based on an innovative learning methodology and achieve higher self-motivation and engagement of children valuing several qualities like trust-building, significant degree of experimentalism, flexible organization of time and work, etc.

  • Offer validation and accreditation of learning outcomes by applying for becoming an accredited education package by education authorities in Cyprus and abroad.

The Package will include:

  • A curriculum and (indicative, SCORM-compliant) learning content for a 40-hours workshop on (digital, educational) games’ cooperative design, adjusting the outputs and methodology adopted in the EU Code RED project

  • A curriculum and (indicative, SCORM-compliant) learning content for a 40-hours workshop on cooperative design of robotics-based problem-solving, transferring and adjusting the above methodology and extending the learning content with material from education activities of partner organizations in EU robotics week

  • A basic curriculum for a 20-hours workshop on Drama Game and cooperative scenario designing and playing

  • A guide to trainers which will facilitate the correct adoption of the material by teachers and trainers

  • An e-Learning software environment (based on existing open source platforms or low-cost cloud-based providers) to support the team collaboration and sharing of learning objects

  • A set of Centre Specifications that will help customers adopt the L2CP defining minimum requirements for room-space infrastructure, equipment, teaching staff skills, workshop group sizes, etc.

Project Downloads Section

Here you can download all public material and outputs of B2ECLoC